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Day Five: Discussion


Congratulations to Nicolas Dickner and Michel Vézina! Nikolski is the winner of Canada Reads 2010.

After Good to a Fault was voted off early in the last day of the debates, it came down to Nikolski and The Jade Peony. Very few people thought the underdog book from Quebec would end up this year's champion but it prevailed. In yesterday's blog comments, many of you were upset by Fall on Your Knees' dismissal, but if Twitter is any indication, lots of listeners are pleased by Nikolski's win.

Question: Now that it's been crowned the Canada Reads champion in 2010, are you more likely to read Nikolski? Did any of the other panelists convince you to read any of the other books?

Today at 3 p.m. ET, the Book Club's Hannah Sung will host her final a live chat. Aside from leaving a comment in this entry, it's your last chance to weigh in on Canada Reads 2010.

Thanks for the great comments. 'Til 2011, happy reading!

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