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March 2010

And the winner is... Flannery takes us inside the thrilling final debate

Hello, readers. OK. This time I really mean it. If you haven't seen or heard today's show, then you must do so here. I don't want to be a surprise-spoiler — not today. Giddy is the term I'd use to...... Read More »

Blogger Flannery says adieu to Canada Reads...and bonjour to Hannah Sung, host of the CBC Book Club

Hello, readers. What a week it was. Just seven days ago, I was anxiously anticipating the outcome of Canada Reads 2010. I surveyed the field before me, trying to get a read on our panelists. Who was the toughest cookie...... Read More »

Day Five: Discussion

  Congratulations to Nicolas Dickner and Michel Vézina! Nikolski is the winner of Canada Reads 2010. After Good to a Fault was voted off early in the last day of the debates, it came down to Nikolski and The Jade......

Flannery dishes on Day Four: Another one bites the dust

Hello, readers. Spoilers ahead. So if you haven't heard or seen today's show, please do so. On this, the fourth day of Canada Reads, the boardroom that acts as informal green room for the panelists was eerily calm. Pleasantries were...... Read More »

Day Four: Discussion

  The heavyweight book of Canada Reads 2010, Ann-Marie MacDonald's Fall on Your Knees, was the second book voted off. It seems like its defender Perdita was caught off guard, but were you surprised? In the video confessional, Samantha says......

Day Three: Discussion

  Goodbye Generation X! It's always a bit sad to see the first book voted off. It's usually at this point that the panelists remember that Canada Reads isn't a chat about books, but a war of words. Question: How......

The first book falls: Flannery dishes on Day Three of the debates

Hello, readers and debate followers. Day three of Canada Reads 2010 debates has come and gone and — spoiler alert! — so has one of our beloved books. If you'd like to see or hear the show before reading this...... Read More »

Day Two: Discussion

  In yesterday's chat with Hannah and Jian, participants overwhelmingly thought that Michel Vézina had the best argument after the first day of debates. Not bad for someone who yesterday (in the confessional video) said he felt his English......

Another day, another debate: Flannery recaps the second Canada Reads broadcast

What a morning. Day Two of Canada Reads 2010 was a real treat. Perched on my stool in the control room, I was privy to fascinating insights from our panelists concerning all five nominated books. Adding even more drama...... Read More »

Fall on Your Knees: Too dark or full of hope?

  In Day One of Canada Reads, FOYK was criticized by Roland Pemberton for being too dark. In Monday's live chat, Natalie, who defended FOYK in Civilians Read, suggested that Perdita Felicien should have countered this by focusing on the......

Day One: Discussion

  At 3 p.m. ET, join CBC Book Club host Hannah Sung and special guest Canada Reads host Jian Ghomeshi as they discuss the first day of debates.   Canada Reads 2010: Day One Debrief (featuring special guest Jian......

And they're off! Flannery handicaps Day One of the debates

The first shots have been fired in the Canada Reads 2010 debates! Our five panelists were quick on the draw and didn't waste much time making nice before they took aim. There were controversies, passionate defences, insults and a couple......

Flannery gets ready to take us behind the scenes for the first Canada Reads 2010 debate

Hello, readers. It's finally here. In just a few short hours, Jian and our five esteemed panelists are going to kick off the Canada Reads 2010 debates on CBC Radio One. I think it's fair to say that these debates......

Live chats, exclusive content and spoilers ahoy as Canada Reads begins next week

We're ramping up for the Canada Reads 2010 debates next week with lots of great value-added content. All next week, check out our live chats with Book Club host Hannah Sung and her special guests as they debrief on the......

Flannery wonders how things will play out on Canada Reads next week

Hello, readers. The ticking of the clock is deafening. After months of speculation, we're now entering the final, most important leg of our literary journey. Soon questions will morph into certainties. Will the much-beloved Fall On Your Knees take the......

Good to a Fault: The elephant in the room

One of the major plot points in Marina Endicott's Good to a Fault deals with cancer. Just like in real life, it unfortunately touches the lives of many of the characters. How did you feel about the way Marina......

CBC Radio's Colleen Kitts reports on her visits to five very different New Brunswick book clubs to discuss the Canada Reads titles

A good novel is a tiny planet unto itself. For the days or weeks it takes to turn the pages, you become immersed in that world. When reading Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, I am Elinor Dashwood, forced by circumstance...... Read More »

The Jade Peony: my favorite character: the Monkey Man

Welcome to the discussion thread all about Wayson Choy`s The Jade Peony! I'm your moderator, Angela@CBC.Let's talk a bit about characters this week: who is YOUR favorite character and why?Mine, as I'm sure you gleaned from the title of this......

Past panelist Jen Sookfong Lee on recommending books she loves not wisely but too well

When I first met my husband almost 13 years ago, he cunningly appealed to my ego and asked me to compile a list of books that I thought he should read, leaving out the fact that he was and...... Read More »
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