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February 2010

Flannery introduces us to yet another offshoot: Civilians Read

It's fair to say that Canada Reads 2010 has both inspired and provoked debate. It has even spurred a few other sites to put their money where their mouth is and join the fray. Over at the National Post,...... Read More »

Nikolski: A comparative discussion with The Jade Peony

  Over at the Nikolski: Six degrees of separation discussion, sdring had an interesting idea I'd like to start a new thread with and that is the comparison with another Canada Reads contender: The Jade Peony. As sdring writes: "Once......

Panelist Roland Pemberton dishes on why he's championing Generation X

In a couple of weeks, I will be attending a ransom-note reading party. It's simple: you come dressed as your favourite kidnapper/murderer, read your ransom note and mix the drink your character might have drunk. Victims are included too —......

Indecisive blogger Flannery wants to know which book you're rooting for in Canada Reads 2010

We're just two short weeks away from the Canada Reads 2010 debates! Things are starting to heat up around here. The Canada Reads team is working double-time and more than a few are going lunch-less to ensure every thing goes......

Generation X: Cast of characters, love 'em or hate 'em?

  August C. Bourré really hates Generation X. Earlier this month, he wrote a blog explaining why he disliked it so much. Though he criticizes Douglas Coupland's use of italics and lists, August focuses on the characters as the book's......

Blogger Flannery on a fan's pleasant post and Canada Reads as 'a book nerd's fantasy'

Hello again, readers. I can't believe how quickly time is passing. It seems like only yesterday that I was cracking the spine on Good to a Fault, discovering Clara Purdy and the Gage family for the very first time, and...... Read More »

Fall on Your Knees: All in the family

  One of the things I loved about FOYK was Ann-Marie's depiction of the relationship between the Piper sisters. I think she really captures the complexity of family bonds — the characters' combination of love and protectiveness with (at times)......

Good To a Fault: The cast

  The cast of characters in Good To A Fault are a handful, to say the least. They have vibrant and distinct personalities that provoke strong feelings. For example, who can sit idly by while Mrs. Pell feeds the baby......

Samantha Nutt dishes on why The Jade Peony deserves to win Canada Reads

Reading fiction has always been an addiction of mine. I blame my mother. When I was a child, she made a special event out of visiting the public library every alternate weekend to choose a new book. I remember spending......

Blogger Flannery ponders what it might take to win Canada Reads

Hello, readers. I'm sitting pretty over here — got a big, smug smile on my face. It took me a bit longer than I thought it would — thank you, book-shredding, reading-time-thief demon-puppy! — but I can now say that...... Read More »

Flannery reflects on the joys of reading Fall on Your Knees without any spoilers

The experience of reading Fall on Your Knees for the first time really brought home for me the importance of the element of surprise. It's often taken for granted with books, but getting swept away by the unexpected is one......

Champion athlete Perdita Felicien on becoming a public advocate for Fall on Your Knees

When I was approached about Canada Reads, I was a bit nervous at first. Not because it wouldn't be amazing to be a part of such a great event, of course it would. The issue was, as much as I......

Nikolski: Six degrees of separation

  [SPOILER ALERT]: @trudymorgancole on Twitter has posed the question: "Was it brilliant or just frustrating that the characters never discover links between them?" Personally, the fact that the characters were almost like ships passing in the night was part......

Author Douglas Coupland and a former Canada Reads panelist connect with the 2010 Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics begin in the beautiful city of Vancouver this Friday, and Canada Reads author Douglas Coupland has been asked by the Olympic committee to help commemorate the event. Coupland and Roch Carrier, a panelist in Canada Reads......

Flannery is immersed in the big read, Fall on Your Knees

Hello, fellow readers. I've got a lot on my mind today. My overstuffed brain has everything to do with the fact that I am in the thick of Ann-Marie MacDonald's Fall on Your Knees. Good reader that I try...... Read More »

Flannery dishes on the Canada Reads discussion boards

Hello, fellow readers. As you may have noticed, the Canada Reads reader discussion blogs are up and running on the site. These reader-driven vehicles are fuelled by the collective reading experience that is Canada Reads. Think of it as......

Panelist Michel Vézina describes being hooked by Nikolski

I first met Nikolski when it first came out, in French. Was it in 2005? Perhaps, yes. I remember the publisher's rep (Patricia, already a close friend) calling me every second day to ask me if I had read...... Read More »

Blogger Flannery reflects on the family truths in Nikolski

Hello again, fellow readers. I'm sure everyone is familiar with the saying "never judge a book by its cover." I feel even more certain that no one has ever managed to follow the advice (metaphorical and literal) contained therein —...... Read More »
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