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Fall on Your Knees: Let's start talking


Hi, welcome to the discussion about Ann-Marie MacDonald's Fall on Your Knees. I'm Barb@CBC, your moderator, and I hope you'll have lots to say about this book. I first read it when it was published in 1996, and revisiting it has been an absolute pleasure. I think it has a great chance of coming out on top in this year's debates. What's not to like? The story is both gripping and beautifully written. It's multi-layered and touches on a wealth of themes, not only those involving intimate relationships (family bonds and sexual passions) but social ones as well (divisions of race, class and religion). And it runs the gamut from humorous to heartbreaking.

There's plenty to talk about, so let's get started. A number of terrible things happen in the book, and yet overall, I didn't find it depressing. What were your reactions to the saga of the Piper family? (And just a reminder: there are a number of surprises in the course of this story, so please, let's avoid spoilers in this discussion just in case some of the posters haven't finished reading.)

-- Barb

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