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January 2010

Blogger Flannery crunches the latest Canada Reads numbers and compares 'social' and 'private' readers

Hello, readers. It sure feels great to have a stack of good books by your side at this time of year, doesn't it? Canada Reads and nightly soaks in colloidal oatmeal are going to see me through February and...... Read More »

The Jade Peony: Opening salvo

  Welcome to the discussion thread all about Wayson Choy`s The Jade Peony! I'm your moderator, Angela@CBC, and I'm pretty excited about this book. I read it in about four days, cover to cover, consuming it like I hadn't read......

Good to a Fault: The goods

  Hi, I'm Rosie@CBC and this is the spot to discuss Marina Endicott's novel Good to a Fault. This book is one of the two newer, and perhaps lesser-known novels on the panel, but we're going to change that, right?......

Fall on Your Knees: Let's start talking

  Hi, welcome to the discussion about Ann-Marie MacDonald's Fall on Your Knees. I'm Barb@CBC, your moderator, and I hope you'll have lots to say about this book. I first read it when it was published in 1996, and revisiting......

Generation X: Talkin' 'bout my Generation (X)

  Welcome to the discussion blog for Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture by Douglas Coupland. My name is Andrea@CBC and I'm the moderator here. I was very excited when I learn that Roland Pemberton (a.k.a. Cadence Weapon) would......

Nikolski: Beginning the journey

  Greetings, fellow bookworms! It's your friendly neighbourhood geek girl, Kimberly@CBC (also @AliasGrace), here to moderate the discussion around Nikolski. This is a book that really spoke to me as someone from an eclectic ethnic and racial background. I found I......

Simi Sara describes why she chose Good to a Fault for Canada Reads 2010

It was so easy for me to love Good to a Fault. I sat down by myself, the family was away, on a Saturday afternoon. The house was quiet. I picked it up and started to read and immediately......

Resident blogger Flannery reflects on the complex nature of virtue in Good to a Fault

Hello, readers. I've been immersed in Marina Endicott'sGood to a Fault for the past several days. (I got to talk to Marina, and her Canada Reads champion, panelist Simi Sara, about the book at this year's launch, as you can...... Read More »

Blogger Flannery looks at the Canada Reads effect and considers 'zombie do-overs' in fiction

Hello, readers. We're nearly halfway into our reading and so it seems like the perfect time to set our books down for a moment to discuss the "Canada Reads effect." Canada Reads, as you're well aware, is our national literary...... Read More »

Twenty years on, Douglas Coupland reflects on writing Generation X

I sat down to begin writing Generation X — and it feels like 20 years ago, too — no tempus fugit for me. The book is an updating of The Decameron — a story of people self-banished to the wilderness...... Read More »

Resident blogger Flannery gets swept up in the stories within the story of Generation X

Hello, readers. This week at Canada Reads we're highlighting Douglas Coupland and his novel Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture. I'm more than half way through the book and up to my neck in Dag, Andy and Claire's...... Read More »

Resident blogger Flannery muses on the trio of siblings in The Jade Peony

Hello, fellow readers. I trust you had a good reading week, and that you're full of thoughts, feelings and ideas about the book in which you're currently engrossed. I know I am. I finished The Jade Peony yesterday. (Planning......

Wayson Choy takes us inside the world of The Jade Peony

In The Jade Peony, the little girl known as Only Sister, Jook-Liang, struggles to tell me of her bond with the elderly crippled gentleman the citizens of Chinatown called the Monkey-Man. Jung-Sum, Second Brother, would only speak to me......

Contest and poll update, week ending January 10

Howdy readers! Last week, we polled you about New Year's resolutions — which apparently many of you don't like making (40 per cent). The usual suspects garnered similar numbers (fitness goals 20 per cent; dietary changes 16 per cent; more......

Blogger Flannery muses on The Jade Peony and its subtle history lessons

Hello, fellow readers. Happy Monday. I hope you managed to grab at least an hour or two in the company of one of our five books this past weekend. Cold weather + a warm blanket + a great book...... Read More »

Blogger Flannery on the schizophrenic effects of reading all five books at once

Hello again, fellow readers. We're barely into the New Year — not to mention the new decade — and I'm ashamed to admit that I've spent most of it trying to shake my holiday-induced lethargy. My struggle to get...... Read More »

Contest and poll update, week ending January 3

It's a new year and the Canada Reads debates are just around the corner...have you read this year's selections yet? Didn't get a set for Christmas? Then enter our weekly contest, and like Scott Labelle of Hanmer, Ontario, you may......

Canada Reads executive producer Susan Feldman reflects on the theatrical side of Ann-Marie MacDonald

The phrase "triple threat" could have been invented for Ann-Marie MacDonald. First an actor, then a playwright, finally a novelist. But the lines of this unusual career path are fluid, and don't follow any particular order. At the same time...... Read More »

Blogger Flannery finds that The Jade Peony strikes a chord

Hello, readers. Welcome to another week of Canada Reads 2010, and the first week of the New Year! I love a fresh start and I'm determined to not let the weather affect my feelings about 2010. That determination hasn't...... Read More »
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