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Resident blogger Flannery shares her resolutions for the New Year

Hello, readers.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I know I did. Even better, there's another one on the way. I live for statutory holidays, and this year it falls on a Friday, no less! TGIF 2010. A New Year is upon us. I think it's only fitting to trot out all the old clichés as we say goodbye to another year. Here goes: Time flies! Can you believe another year has come and gone? Where do the days go? 2009 was better than Cats.

The New Year's resolution is my most beloved seasonal tradition. It's right up there with mistletoe and stuffing. I am an inveterate list-maker with a daily "to do" list routine, so making an annual resolution is as natural to me as sobbing in the bathtub. I resolve to do many things every day: to clean the kitty litter, to finish that story pitch, to stop eating lunch at 11 a.m. and then again at 1 p.m.

I had the chance to ask Dr. Samantha Nutt for her New Year's goal. Her response: "My New Year's resolution will be to make my publisher, McClelland & Stewart, happy. It is to finish writing my book (non-fiction). So, once Canada Reads is over, my mantra must be 'less reading, more writing!'"

My New Year's resolution for this year: to dial down my reaction-meter. Blame it on my DNA — I come from a long line of nuclear reactors — but this year I'd like to put my propensity for irrational emotional outbursts in neutral. New Year's resolution number two: mix more metaphors! Really get in there and make a mess of meaning. So far, so great.

In the New Year, we're going to kick our book talk into high gear. We're going to get deeper into the novels and make the most of the opportunity to talk books. Keep an eye on the site. January 4 kicks off Ann-Marie MacDonald week, and there will be lots to check out.

Best of luck with your reading and your resolutions. I'll sign off with my favourite New Year's tradition. Enjoy!

See you in 2010,



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