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December 2009

Resident blogger Flannery shares her resolutions for the New Year

Hello, readers. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I know I did. Even better, there's another one on the way. I live for statutory holidays, and this year it falls on a Friday, no less! TGIF 2010. A......

Translator Lazer Lederhendler on ferrying Nikolski across 'the tricky gulf between French and English'

During the book signing at the tail end of the Canada Reads launch event (in the photo at left, I'm on stage with Jian Ghomeshi) on December 1, a man waiting to have his copy of Nikolski signed asked......

Editor Pamela Murray describes how Nikolski made the leap from French to English

Every writer and every publisher knows there's one thing that sells book better than anything else: word of mouth. I first heard about Nikolski when I was having lunch with a young publisher from Montreal. He said there was......

Season's greetings from resident blogger Flannery

Hello, readers. I don't know where you are right now — whether you're in Toronto, Calgary or St. Johns — but wherever you find yourself, I'm wishing you a very happy holiday. I'm writing this post from my parents'......

Nicolas Dickner reveals the story behind his novel Nikolski

The first inspiration for Nikolski goes back to 1995, when a friend and I were debating the relationship between Moby-Dick and hitchhiking. (As you can see from the photo at left, my obsession with the sea and its creatures......

Contest and poll update, week ending December 20

Howdy amigos! Looking for that last-minute, sure-to-please gift? If you buy all five Canada Reads 2010 books from the CBC Shop they'll throw in a free official Canada Reads tote bag. Or, you could try your hand a winning one,......

Resident blogger Flannery offers the story so far on her reading of the Canada Reads books

Hello, readers. It's Week 4 of Canada Reads, and we're really steaming along. We've got our books, our panelists, we're getting to know our authors better each week, and most of us are going to get a few days of...... Read More »

Resident blogger Flannery answers a reader's question about how the Canada Reads books are chosen

Hello, readers. It's the end of another week here at Canada Reads, and what a week it's been. I'm starting to feel downright festive. My good mood has a lot to do with the fact that I spent most of...... Read More »

Contest and poll update, week ending December 13

Howdy, book lovers! Right now we have two contests running related to Canada Reads: In the weekly contest on this site, we're giving away a full set of the Canada Reads books plus a stylish tote bag. Suzanne Flaro of......

Resident blogger Flannery gets feisty in defence of Canada Reads

Hello again, readers. Welcome to Week 3 of Canada Reads 2010. I'm back after a brief but luxurious reading sabbatical. I was lucky enough to spend most of last week with Marina Endicott's Good to a Fault and Wayson...... Read More »

How designer Jessica Sullivan found the perfect cover image for The Jade Peony

  I designed the current cover of The Jade Peony in 2005. (Which seems like a long time ago now — I was still in my twenties and I didn't have any children!) I remember Peter Cocking (art director at......

Get to know the Canada Reads books: The Jade Peony

Read the opening of Wayson Choy's evocative debut novel, which brings to life Vancouver's Chinatown in the mid-20th-century. One The old man first visited our house when I was five, in 1933. At that time, I had only two brothers......

Designer Scott Richardson opens up about the cover of Nikolski

Few do the visual better than the French. Art, fashion, cinema, cuisine; les Fran├žais know the meaning of presentation. Even when they smoke they look better than the rest of us. Yet ask a French publisher to design a...... Read More »

Get to know the Canada Reads Books: Nikolski

Here's how Nicolas Dickner's engaging novel of coincidences and connections begins. Magnetic Anomaly My name is unimportant. It all started in September 1989, at about seven in the morning. I'm still asleep, curled up in my sleeping bag on the......

Judith Stagnitto Abbate describes following Douglas Coupland's visual cues in her design of Generation X

  There are some books whose designs have to be coaxed laboriously into shape, and others that practically arrive on your desk fully realized due to the sheer personality of both the author and the manuscript. Douglas Coupland's Generation X:...... Read More »

Get to know the Canada Reads books: Generation X

Here's the opening of Douglas Coupland's influential first novel, which went on to become a pop culture phenomenon. THE SUN IS YOUR ENEMY Back in the late 1970s, when I was fifteen years old, I spent every penny I then......

Contest and poll update, week ending December 6

Hello fellow readers, It's been a week since Canada Reads 2010 launched and you haven't wasted any time signing up to play along with our weekly contest. It seems most of you knew that Jian Ghomeshi has been the host......

A tale of two covers: David Drummond on designing both editions of Good to a Fault

I designed the book cover for both the first and second editions of this book. The first one is actually very minimalist in tone, which is characteristic of my work. I wanted to find an image that showed a remnant...... Read More »

Get to know the Canada Reads books: Good to a Fault

Read the opening paragraphs of Marina Endicott's compelling story of a Canadian Good Samaritan. Left turn Thinking about herself and the state of her soul, Clara Purdy drove to the bank one hot Friday in July. The other car came......

Designer Scott Richardson describes how the cover of Fall On Your Knees has evolved

When the original paperback cover for Ann-Marie MacDonald's Fall on your Knees (those in the know shorthand it as FOYK) landed on my desk, the design's heavy lifting had already been done by someone else. The hardcover had been a...... Read More »

Get to know the Canada Reads books: Fall on Your Knees

This week, we'll be running excerpts from the Canada Reads books and blogs from each of their designers. Here's the opening of Ann-Marie MacDonald's compelling family saga, Fall on Your Knees. Silent Pictures They're all dead now. Here's a picture......

What a week: Flannery muses on making connections and Canada Reads

Hello again, readers. This is my first Friday post — the first of many — and I cannot let it go by without first offering up a hearty TGIF. To everyone who is currently reading this post from a...... Read More »

Ready to rumble: Flannery dishes on launch day at Canada Reads

Hello again, readers! What can I say about the lauch-day blitz for this year's Canada Reads other than wow and whew! The official kickoff on Tuesday for Canada Reads 2010 (can I get a whoop, whoop?) left me exhausted and...... Read More »

Time to party — the Canada Reads 2010 list is announced!

Hello again, readers! It's launch day at Canada Reads and that means it's also big announcement time. I have just come from the studio where this year's panelists talked to Jian Ghomeshi about the books they're championing, and I couldn't...... Read More »

Meet Flannery, Canada Reads 2010's resident blogger

Hello, fellow readers and lovers of literary debate. My name is Flannery and I will be your guide to all the action at Canada Reads this year. My book-themed thoughts, posts, over-shares, bits of publishing news and gossip are all...... Read More »
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