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Canada Reads 2014: Highlight Reel

Canada Reads is CBC's annual battle of the books program. This year's champion, Wab Kinew, successfully defended Joseph Boyden's The Orenda. Watch highlights from the intense week of debates and to learn more about the other finalists.

Jian Ghomeshi reflects on Canada Reads 2014

Jian Ghomeshi reflects on Canada Reads 2014

The Canada Reads host began his return to Q with a thoughtful essay on the importance of literature.

The finalists: Inspiring quotes

The finalists: Inspiring quotes

See why these books were chosen for CBC's annual literary debate show with these beautifully written words.


The Orenda »

Find out why this book could change Canada.

Battle of the Books  »

Learn more about the finalist books and their champions.

Samantha Bee  »

Watch her passionate final defense of Rawi Hage's Cockroach.

Stephen Lewis  »

The panelist explains why Canada Reads is a uniquely Canadian experience.

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The post-Canada Reads reading list

Like the Canada Reads books and don't know what to read next? Here are 5 great lists to check out -- one inspired by each 2014 contender.

Samantha Bee: "For them there is no Wab Kinew to speak..."

In her final address to the panelists before the vote, Bee summed up her feelings about Cockroach in an emotional moment, while also paying tribute to the remarkable performance of her competitor Wab.

How The Orenda could change Canada

Many Canada Reads fans felt Wab Kinew did a masterful job of highlighting the book's strengths and addressing it's perceived weaknesses.

Samantha Bee: Immigrants should be allowed to express themselves

Samantha Bee, defending Rawi Hage's Cockroach, responds to criticisms about the book's pessimistic tone. Bee argued that immigrant experiences are diverse and some of them are "ugly." That doesn't make them less worthy of sharing.

Stephen Lewis: What other country rallies around books?

Stephen Lewis knows a thing or two about the world. So we trust him when he says, with pride, that Canada is a country that rallies around books and that Canada Reads is a unique experience. A popular reality show about literature -- only in Canada, eh?

VOTE: Which book do you want to see eliminated on Day Four?

It's come down to the final two books. Vote for which book you think should be eliminated by the panelists.

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