Ami McKay


Born and raised in the U.S. Midwest, Ami McKay moved to Nova Scotia a decade ago and embraced Canadian history in writing her debut novel The Birth House. She and her family moved into a home that was once known as the local "birth house"-- it was there that she began writing fiction in earnest.

McKay taught music studies in Chicago for many years, after graduating with a degree in Music Education and Musicology from the State University of Indiana. But she also long harboured dreams of being a writer. In 2000, she left teaching and the U.S., and moved to Scots Bay, Nova Scotia. She started working as a freelance journalist, while also spending time on her fiction, and completed a first draft of The Birth House in 2003. The novel was published in 2006, and went on to top bestseller lists across Canada.

McKay's freelance work includes writing and producing radio documentaries for CBC Radio. Her work has aired on CBC's Maritime Magazine and on the national network's The Sunday Edition. In 2003, her documentary Daughter of Family G won an Excellence in Journalism medallion at the Atlantic Journalism Awards. 

She is currently working on her second novel, The Virgin Cure