The Shore Girl

The Shore Girl

A Canada Reads 2014 Top 40 Book

From the publisher:

Rebee Shore's life is fragmented. She's forever on the move, ricocheting around Alberta, guided less than capably by her dysfunctional mother Elizabeth.

The Shore Girl follows Rebee from her toddler to her teen years as she grapples with her mother's fears and addictions, and her own desire for a normal life. Through a series of narrators--family, friends, teachers, strangers, and Rebee herself--her family's dark past, and the core of her mother's despair, are slowly revealed.

The Shore Girl is a mosaic of Rebee: of her origins, of her past and present; from darkness and grief, to understanding and hope for a brighter future.

Praise for The Shore Girl:

With first novel, Fran Kimmel confirms her gift for small canvases. --Jim Bartley, The Globe and Mail

[E]ach chapter is a jewel of a short story on its own...The Shore Girl's kooky yet realistic characters, true-to-life smells and sounds and scenes conjure up an unidealized world both familiar and alien. Like Harmony's van speeding through Wild Rose Country, it leads the reader into an in-depth examination of human emotions and motives. --Laurie Glenn Norris, Telegraph-Journal

Rebee has no use for pity, and her independence, however dimly arrived at, is the one thing that offers her a glimmer of hope. --David Berry, National Post