A Canada Reads 2014 Top 40 Book

From the publisher: 
While in Copenhagen, Sara Wheeler, a Toronto journalist, happens upon Cirkus Mirak, a touring Ethiopian children's circus. She later meets and is convinced to drive the circus founder, Raymond Renaud, through the night from Toronto to Montreal. Such chance beginnings lead to later fateful encounters, as renowned novelist Catherine Bush artfully confronts the destructive power of allegations. With Accusation, Bush again proves herself one of Canada's finest authors as she examines the impossibility inherent in attempting to uncover "the truth." After a friend of Sara's begins work on a documentary about the circus, unsettling charges begin to float to the surface, disturbing tales of sexual and physical abuse at the hands of Raymond. Accounts and anecdotes mount, denunciations fly, and while Sara tries to untangle the narrative knots and determine what to believe, the concept of a singular "truth" becomes slippery. Her present search is simultaneously haunted by her past. Moving between Canada, Ethiopia, and Australia, Accusation follows a network of lives that intersect with life-altering consequence, painfully revealing that the best of intentions can still lead to disaster, yet from disaster spring seeds of renewal and hope.

Praise for Accusation: 
"Catherine Bush's Accusation is a novel of great global and emotional scope." -- David Bezmozgis

"Utterly compelling and readable, Accusation presents the reader with a disturbing mystery, and one journalist's need to find the truth despite all the suspicion and conflicting hints. Along the way Catherine Bush draws us inexorably into a world marked by secrets, complicity, the unknown, and ultimately hope. A remarkably shrewd exploration of the agony of doubt." -- Gil Adamson

"At the heart of Accusation - and the source of its suspense - is the desire to see justice done in a situation where truth is elusive. The power of this novel is that it brings a quiet dignity and compassion to precisely this state of moral helplessness. This is a moving and ambitious book." -- Anne Michaels