The Flavors of Canada

Book description:

flavours-stewart.jpgJoin Anita Stewart on her full-flavoured pan-Canadian journey, as she introduces you to a tantalizing world of Canadian cuisine. Here are over 150 appetizing recipes which all use local, seasonal ingredients and showcase the very best of Canadian regional cuisine. Flavours of Canada is more than just a book of recipes -- it is a culinary celebration of fishers and farmers, chefs and restaurants, producers and artists. Stewart explores Canada''s five major gastronomic regions with recipes and vignettes from each. From British Columbia comes irresistible dishes such as Malt-Crusted Pacific Halibut on a Raspberry Ale-Basil Sauce: from the Prairies, Wild Mushroom Salad with Grilled Venison Filet; from Ontario, Portobello Mushroom Burgers on Onion Buns with Aylmer Dried Tomato Mayonnaise and Yukon Gold Fries: from Quebec, Maple Syrup Creme Brulee; and from the Atlantic, Grilled Digby Scallops and Barley Roasted Turnip with Dried Tomato Sauce. Embark on a glorious, mouthwatering journey and savour the delicious flavours of a remarkably diverse land

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