From Baba with Love

From Baba with Love

Book description:

From Baba with Love features ethnographic material explaining the spiritual, cultural and folkloric descriptions of selected feast days and sacraments as well as treasured favorite family home tested food traditions. It was published in August 2011 by the Hanka Romanchych Branch of the Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada (UWAC) in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. One thousand copies sold out within six weeks. A second printing is now available.

The first part, The Spiritual Seasons of Life, is divided into three seasonal sections: Spring and Summer, Autumn and Winter. Each section describes the traditions associated with the religious feast days within the season. Four holy sacraments are also explained.

Food is an essential component of every festive season and cooking is one of life's richest pleasures. The food traditions component is divided into eight sections: Soups, Salads and Sauces; Breads and Rolls; Cereals and Grains; Main Dishes; Vegetables and Side Dishes; Cakes and Cookies; Desserts and Squares and Preserves. Home tested recipes were provided by UWAC members, their families and friends. One hundred and eighty contributors of recipes and anecdotal information gleaned from oral histories are acknowledged.

Each title page features an original photograph taken by a professional photographer and food stylist. Additional photographs are included in several sections. Fifty-seven selected Ukrainian language proverbs are featured throughout the book adding a unique element, the meaning of which would have been lost in English translation. Easy to follow line drawings illustrate procedures and techniques to follow when making particular foods such as varenyky and festive breads. Personal anecdotes highlight the religious and food traditions. These special comments recall childhood memories, the anticipation of favorite holidays and the preparation of the varied foods associated with each holiday or celebration.

A volunteer committee of the Hanka Romanchych Branch in Saskatoon researched and collected materials and recipes to compile this 333 page coil bound book. An eight page index allows the reader to quickly access required information or recipes. A list of 70 sources used in the research is included.

The traditions, treasured recipes and anecdotal information featured in From Baba, with Love were brought to this country by Ukrainian immigrant women and were retained by several generations of descendants. The goal of this publication was to assist contemporary Canadian families in developing their own traditions and favorite foods for the celebration of spiritual and everyday life.

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