Cook: You Can Cook Fast, Healthy Meals for Your Family

Book description:

Cook-150.jpgStaying organized is often the hardest part of feeding a busy family. Between late work nights, soccer practice, and PTA meetings, it can be difficult to find the time to prepare a healthy meal, never mind to sit down and eat it as a family. In Cook, Deborah Anzinger provides you with tips and tricks for staying organized and recipes to keep your family coming together every night at the dinner table.

Along with over 190 tested recipes, Deborah includes handy tips for meal planning, expert pantry stocking techniques, and information suited to both the absolute beginner (including your child) and the seasoned cook. With Cook, she'll show you how to enlist your family members as your own personal sous chefs, making mealtime a complete family experience from start to finish.

Bring your family together with classic homemade recipes for

  • muffins, quick breads, and breakfasts
  • soups, sandwiches, and bagged lunches
  • salads and dressings
  • curries, stews, and meat loaves
  • roasts and other holiday main courses
  • vegetables and other side dishes
  • snacks, desserts, cookies, and squares
Next time you ask yourself, "Why should I take the time and make the effort to cook my family meals from scratch?" you'll come up with some easy answers: nutrition, flavour, energy, and vitality!

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