Breast Wishes from Breast Friends

Breast Wishes from Breast Friends

Book description:

They are at it again! The Breast Friends are dishing up their third cookbook to raise funds for the fight against cancer. They are making a difference that has never tasted so good.

They have surpassed their original three thousand dollar donation goal to fight cancer, by hundreds of thousands of dollars and don't seem to be simmering down.

Their first book won its national gold seller seal in three months, their second in just under two months, and number three beat both of those to the golden seal.

Breast Wishes is a celebration of life. It is dedicated to the many women living with, and in spite of breast cancer. It speaks to the small positive steps that are being made toward combating the disease. It talks about the strength of women and the importance of girlfriends. It makes us laugh and it serves up food for thought.

Each book has over 400 different delectable recipes.  They are tried and tested family favorites which whet ones appetite for more. They are not complex and they reflect these rural women's ethnic backgrounds.

Net profits from each book are donated to cancer agencies, equipment, research and patient needs. The group makes every effort to make donations in areas where books are sold.

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