The Bone Cage

The Bone Cage

Published by NeWest Press

Defended by Georges Laraque

Angie Abdou's remarkable debut novel The Bone Cage takes readers deep into the gruelling, often solitary world of amateur athletics. Neither a classic sports novel, nor a simple coming-of-age story, The Bone Cage offers a unique spin on both beloved genres.

Sadie and Digger are amateur athletes with the same goal: to make it to the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Sadie is a swimmer, Digger a wrestler. Both have spent an inordinate amount of time training and training and then training some more. They've made sacrifices, both personal and physical, over many years to achieve their dreams. But life will get in the way of dreams. Sadie, in particular, deals with tragic unforeseen circumstances, which threaten to undermine her dreams of Olympic glory.

Abdou's novel gives voice to the lonely lives of amateur athletes: the often tedious routines they endure, the way in which they push their bodies to the breaking point even at the expense of their emotional development. The author brings to life their equally powerful fears and anxieties. Doubt plagues both Sadie and Digger. Will the sacrifice ultimately pay off? Or are there other, more important victories for which to strive?

By turns euphoric and despairing, The Bone Cage is a tribute to the athlete's enduring fight to win despite the constraints of both physical and personal limitations.

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