The Best Laid Plans

The Best Laid Plans

Published by McClelland & Stewart

Defended by Ali Velshi

Canada Reads 2011 winner!

The peccadilloes of Parliament Hill's political animals are the subject of The Best Laid Plans, Terry Fallis's hilarious first novel, which won the 2008 Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour.

The novel's protagonist, Dan Addison, has had his fill of Parliament Hill propaganda and backbench manoeuvring. A former speechwriter for the leader of the Liberal Opposition, he's disillusioned by the discrepancy between what's said on the Hill and what's done behind the scenes. Now in his 30s, he's washing his hands of the whole thing. Dan Addison is dropping out of politics for the relatively tame world of academe.

Not so fast, say his former employers. Before Dan can cast off politics once and for all he's given a Herculean task: find the party a new Liberal candidate to run in the next federal election. Dan's choice is Angus McLintock, an irascible 60-something Scot. A recent widower, McLintock is not your average politician. A rare bird on the Hill, he's possessed of a unique political approach: he doesn't lie, but tells it straight.

What follows is a deft look at the enduring conflict between idealism and pragmatism in the corridors of power. In this pointed and irreverent political satire, the best-laid plans are giddily undone, and perhaps for the better.

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