A Canada Reads 2014 Top 40 Book

From the publisher:

In 1872, the USS Polaris sailed for the Arctic on a mission to hoist the U.S. flag at the North Pole. But the expedition was a failure, and half of the party - nineteen men, women and children of different nationalities-were cast adrift on an ice floe off the coast of Ellesmere Island, where they endured six desperate months of starvation, bloodshed and other horrors. Afterlands, a profoundly moving and gripping book, takes characters drawn from history and transforms their experiences into an absorbing tale of unrequited love, unsettled scores and the high cost of loyalty. 

 This novel is a triumph of storytelling from one of Canada's most acclaimed writers. Gripping and beautiful, it is a scintillating exploration of the extremes of human experience. Afterlands brilliantly examines both a devastating encounter with the natural world and the unrelenting demands of the human heart. 

Praise for Afterlands:

"Unforgettable . . . This is a big, wide, deep book . . . an intensely felt fiction . . . . Like Conrad, and unlike any other poet-novelist in this country-even Ondaatje-Heighton is shockingly real and character-driven even when he's being his most mannered." -The Globe & Mail 

"Afterlands is up there with the best work in the genre. . . This is gripping stuff . . . Heighton is a superb stylist, in complete control of the language." -National Post 

From the CBC Archives:

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