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Literary Limerick contest round-up, week 3

The Literary Limerick contest is winding down. You have only until Sunday, April 24, at midnight ET to get your entry in! Two lucky people will take home a Sony e-Reader. Don't worry if you think your limerick lacks in laughs or literary loftiness: the winners will be drawn randomly from all the entries.

Here are some of our favourite submissions from this week!



There once was a young boy named Ender,

who turned out to be a defender.

It's all in the book,

So go have a look.

You'll see it's a worthy contender.



There once was a young girl named Drew

Who wished she had something to do

Finally one day when a mystery came

She solved it without any shame

After all she was a detective too!



Shakespeare was a great player

He created character layer by layer

His lovers were stunning

His comics a'funning

His antagonist, a vicious slayer.



Andrew Davidson wrote The Gargoyle

With seven years' labour and toil.

You will read of flesh scarring

From burning and charring.

Too graphic? The end, I'll not spoil.



There once was an author named Dahl,

who imagined a peach not so small.

His chocolate world so scrumdiddlyumtious

A fellow who had to be quite presumptuous,

in his stories that "out-twitted" them all.



Salander met Blomqvist,

A story unfolded with many turns and twists,

She's odd right from the very start,

But clearly she is very smart,

Just don't cross her and get her pissed



Cole's Lifting the Veil

Is a former nun's personal tale

From devout convent life

To an Englishman's wife

By comparison your life looks pale!


Izzy McD:

Katniss, the Girl on Fire

Peeta's the one who stands by her.

They fight side by side,

Heads high with pride.

for each other, they will never tire.



Who doesn't like Dr. Seuss?

You giggle, you smile, and feel loose.

Have fun with Sam I am,

Whilst eating green eggs and ham.

He'll always one up Mother Goose!


Thanks to everyone who entered. You can submit a limerick of your own by heading over to the Literary Limerick group in the CBC Books Community!

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