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Literary Limerick contest round-up, week 2

The limericks and laughs keep rolling in for our Literary Limerick contest! Don't have yours written yet? That's okay — you have until April 24 to get yours in! And don't worry if your limerick isn't destined to become a CanLit classic, the draw for the Sony e-readers is completely random.

If you are stuck finding rhyming inspiration, check out our favourite entries from this week:


Sue Dulley:

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

played with Fire and kicked Hornets' nests too.

That fearless crime-fighter

Now needs a new writer,

I nominate E. Annie Proulx.



I just read a book by Claudia Dey,

Who teaches men on what to say.

Her advice will give your babe a scream'n 'O',

She advises you to give your bush a mow,

Cause sex isn't fun without a little foreplay!



Team Edward, or Jacob or Bella

I don't give a rat's tush let me tell ya

Be it werewolf or vampire

No more please Ms Meyer

I'd rather meet mosquitoes without citronella!


Penelope A:

John Vaillant penned a mean Tiger tale.

A big cat bent on revenge without fail.

It played a pawky role

when a mattress it stole

for cold comfort on its unholy grail.



Miss Jane Austen's work passes any test;

Blue writing? Let's give it a long, long rest.

A witty romance,

No removal of pants;

Pride and Prejudice still is the very best!



Mr. Darcy was prone to be fickle

For a doxy he'd not pay a nickel

But Miss Bennet (a beauty)

Could perform wifely duty

For he tired of paddling-the-pickle



There once was a bard named Shakespeare

Whose lines brought many a jeer

Not from dames wearing bonnets

Cause they loved his sonnets

And his quill as long as a spear



There was a young author Johanna

Whose book won a Giller hosanna

Her press, printing by hand,

Could not meet the demand

So we all had to wait for mañana.



John le Carré is a great author

he wishes the bookers wouldn't bother.

his writings about the secret service

reveal the workings of the circus.

The question remains " will he add to his coffer?"



There was a young lady named Scarlett

Who loved to eat pears by Bartlett

So many she ate

That she doomed her fate

When she accidentally on purpose a fart-let


Want to submit a limerick of your own? Head over to the Literary Limerick discussion group in the CBC Books Community to find out how!

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