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Podcast: Iain Reid talks about One Bird's Choice, his memoir of returning to the nest

Iain Reid One Bird's Choice

When Iain Reid, a 27-year-old university graduate found himself out of work and out of luck, he took a small gig at a radio station near his childhood home. He thought he'd move in with his parents before getting back on his feet. It would only be for a few days.

Days turned into weeks.

Weeks turned into months.

One year later, Iain was still at home, helping on his family farm and dealing with his eccentric parents.

But what makes Iain different from every other twenty-something who returns to the nest after school?

He decided to write about it.

One Bird's Choice (Anansi) is a chronicle of the wild and wacky year Iain spent at home. His parents are caring but a little bit crazy. There are animals to feed, fields to tame, computer skills to conquer and barbecues to clean.

The result is an affectionate, eye-opening look at how coming back to your childhood home might be the only way to grow up.

Iain Reid

Iain talked to the Book Club about why his family's story is better than any fictional tale he could write, what he learned from his year on the farm and how he discovered what family is really all about. Listen to the podcast above.

We have three copies of One Bird's Choice to give away! To enter, you need to know the answer to the question below (listen to the podcast for the correct response):

What was the name of Iain's radio show?

Send your response to to be entered for a chance to win! The deadline is midnight ET on Thursday, December 9! The winner will be drawn from all the correct entries. Good luck!

erinmodernfamilyavatar.jpgWhile associate producer Erin Balser hasn't lived at home since she was 18, she is certain her parents are as every bit as eccentric as Iain's. Completely certain.

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