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The future belongs to the indies: Benjamin Rivers on the future of book publishing

FACT: Benjamin Rivers will lead us all to the future of reading. What is that future, exactly? Well, he isn't sure yet, and for all anyone knows it won't actually be him who leads us across today's ocean to tomorrow's new world.

But I get the feeling that small, independent publishers like Benjamin will be the ones who do take us into the future as it's the indies' smaller footprint and lower print runs that will be the catalyst for whatever change hits the book-reading world. Because, as a one-man graphic designer, writer and video-game producer, Benjamin has to innovate and find new ways to engage readers if he wants to stay one step ahead of the big players in the hearts and minds of his potential audience.

I sat down with him in his home office to find out what he thinks the future holds for the book-buying public.

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