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Jen Knoch of the Keepin' It Real Book Club delivers her one-minute pitch for Nikolski

Earlier this month, we introduced you to Jen Knoch (@Jen_Knoch) of the Keepin' It Real Book Club who shared her vlog pitch for Fall on Your Knees. She's on track to complete one vlog pitch per book! Next up is Nikolski by Nicolas Dickner. I love these; I really, really do. It's not easy to do this in one shot, not to mention that Jen somehow manages to tell you about each book without sounding like it's delivered from a podium. She's just your average, every day, ridiculously well-spoken and well-read fan.

Thanks, Jen, for taking a run at this. Can't wait to see what you have to say about the remaining books: The Jade Peony, Generation X and Good to a Fault.

Do you have a favourite book that you'd champion if you were a Canada Reads panelist? Make your pitch, and you could win a Sony Reader Digital Book in our contest. We welcome any format: e-mail, blog, podcast, vlog, mime, finger paint...

Julie "I vote finger paint" Wilson
(a.k.a. @BookMadam)

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