Canadian Non-Fiction

TitleAuthorISBNPublisherBndPublicationList PriceSubject
The Looneyspoons Collection by Janet and Greta PodleskiPodleski, Janet 9780968063156Granet Publishing, IncorporatedHT 10/1/2011$34.95COOKING
The Wealthy Barber Returns by David ChiltonChilton, David 9780968394748Financial Awareness CorporationTP 8/1/2011$19.95BUSINESS & ECONOMICS
Something Fierce by Carmen AguirreAguirre, Carmen 9781771000369D&M Publishers IncorporatedTP 12/17/2011$21.00BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY
Pot It Up by Frankie FlowersFlowers, Frankie 9781554688340HarperCollins Publishers LimitedTP 2/6/2012$26.99GARDENING
The Book of Awesome by Neil PasrichaPasricha, Neil 9780425238905Penguin Group (USA) IncorporatedTP 3/1/2011$17.50SELF-HELP
Meals That Heal Inflammation by Julie DanilukDaniluk, Julie 9780307359988Random House of Canada, LimitedTP 12/27/2011$29.95HEALTH & FITNESS
Quinoa 365 by Patricia GreenGreen, Patricia 9781552859940Whitecap Books, LimitedTP 2/1/2010$29.95COOKING
Falling Backwards by Jann ArdenArden, Jann 9780307399854Random House of Canada, LimitedTP 2/21/2012$21.00BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY
Prisoner of Tehran by Marina NematNemat, Marina 9780143052173Penguin Group (Canada)TP 4/4/2008$18.00BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY
The Tiger by John VaillantVaillant, John 9780307397157Random House of Canada, LimitedTP 5/3/2011$22.00POLITICAL SCIENCE