Canada Prize goes to book on Indigenous land rights and history

ray-aboriginalrightsclaims.png(Photo courtesy of the Canada Prize)

Arthur J. Ray has been awarded the Canada Prize for his book Aboriginal Rights Claims and the Making and Remaking of History, which studies how Indigenous land claims have been handled in countries with colonial histories.

Canada, the U.S., South Africa, Australia and New Zealand were examined in the book, which the jury called "an exceptional contribution to international scholarship."

"With examples drawn from five countries with colonial pasts, he shows how the practises of adversarial courtrooms and other legal forums have shaped the construction of historical knowledge and the writing of national histories," said the jury in their citation.

Ray will receive $5,000 in prize money at a ceremony at Ryerson University in May.

The Canada Prizes are administered by the Federation of the Humanities and Social Sciences and celebrate scholarly books in that field.

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