Katherena Vermette: One of my favourite sentences from The Break

Katherena Vermette's debut novel The Break will be defended by comedian Candy Palmater on Canada Reads. The bestselling book takes place in the aftermath of a sexual assault of a young Indigenous girl in a Winnipeg neighbourhood, and shifts between the perspectives of different members of the small, tight-knit community.

Below, Vermette reads one of her favourite sentences from the book.

From The Break:

Whatever else you think or know, that is the most important thing about me. That I loved and was loved.

"That character is the disembodied voice that comes at the beginning of each part of the book. There are four parts. It's the character Rain, who has passed on about 20 years before the book starts. But she's still very much part of her family. And it's her watching over her daughter.

Because Rain died in violence, the legacy of that loss has really permeated through her family/ Her daughter really struggles with how her mom died, even 20 years later. But [this sentence] is her mother telling her that all of that doesn't matter. In the end, they were a mother and a daughter and they were family. All of those things that we think we know about people, don't matter. It's that they were loved and loved in return."

The Break will be defended by Candy Palmater on Canada Reads. The debates take place March 27-30.

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