Jane Eaton Hamilton


On her 50th birthday, crazy-in-love Ajax visits her mercurial lover Logan, who trails their tarnished reputation like a lapsed halo. Logan has secrets, but so does Ajax, and during their weekend getaway to Ontario's cottage country, some of these secrets will prove explosive.

In the next cottage, long-term couple Joe and Elliot are having their own challenges as the parents of a newborn baby girl. Joe isn't sure if Elliot loves her or even if Elliot wanted a baby at all. Can she make it through a weekend feeling as she does, let alone the rest of her life?

Jane Eaton Hamilton's ninth book is an intimate, sexy queer romance. Weekend is a bold and heartbreaking consideration of the true nature of love at the cusp of middle age - about trust, negotiation, and what's worth keeping in the end. (From Arsenal Pulp Press)

Jane Eaton Hamilton won the CBC Short Story Prize in 2003 in 2014.

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Logan and Ajax spooled out the miles along the Toronto lakefront, Logan's pale hand spinning the wheel of the Mustang as they sped farther from downtown, leaving high-rises, museums, galleries, Logan's roof-top condo, even buildings Logan had designed, behind.

In the backseat, Logan's Great Dane, Toby, hitched his head over the edge and drooled down the turquoise paint job, jowls bouncing, grey ears fluttering like flags. Please don't shake that head, thought Ajax.

It was hot--rays climbing to perpendicular, thermometer pulsing thirty-five. The day seemed half-mirage, the sun turning skyscraper windows to swimmable blue pools. Ice melted in their lattes. Ajax sweated between her breasts, under the nose pads on her sunglasses. Didn't matter how fast Logan drove, there'd be no relief with the top down; Ajax's sun-stung legs stuck to the leather seat. She harboured hope Logan might stop so they could swim.

But Logan, of course, didn't even sweat. Hard, like they'd designed themselves, a skyscraper. All shiny glass and downtown angles. All boi smoulder, hard between their legs.

From Weekend by Jane Eaton Hamilton ©2016. Published by Arsenal Pulp Press.