CBC Poetry Prize Prize 2016

“Museum of Natural History”

Jaime Forsythe

“Museum of Natural History”

Halifax, N.S.

Memory as exhibit, with dinosaurs.

Jaime Forsythe is the author of Sympathy Loophole. Recent poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Public Pool, NewPoetry and Minola Review. She is a graduate of the University of Guelph's Creative Writing MFA program. She currently lives in Halifax, where she works with the youth organization LOVE Nova Scotia, plays in the band Moon, and is working on a second collection of poetry.

Photo credit: Alvero Wiggins


Milky afterschool light. Pines pressed into the backdrop,
draining colour from the sky that hugged their jagged

outlines. Bald eagles in flight, over a painted canyon
the illusion of deep. Black bear's growl looped

through a speaker. A slow pitch forward when faced
with a revolving model Earth, misplaced gravity,

somersault and tempera flicked off a toothbrush, stars
freckling construction paper and wrists. A whale

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