Dylan's Vision of Sin

Christopher Ricks

Dylan's Vision of Sin

"I consider myself a poet first and a musician second." There is no shortage of books about Bob Dylan. This one, however, is unique in its approach and the virtuosity of its execution. Ricks examines Dylan's songs through the biblical concepts of the seven deadly Sins, the four cardinal Virtues and the three Heavenly Graces. He does so with what one critic has described as "an ultimately irresistible combination of laser-like intelligence with a fan's exuberant idolatry." (From the publisher.)


Any qualified critic to any distinguished artist: All I really want to do is - what exactly? Be friends with you? Assuredly, I don't want to do you in, or select you or dissect you or inspect you or reject you.

Maybe so. Anyway, Bob Dylan has made it clear that he is not favourably disposed towards critics in general (for all his being a favourite of so many of them), and - in particular - not favourably disposed towards critics who "dissect my songs like rabbits."

From Dylan's Vision of Sin by Christopher Ricks ©2005. Published by Harper Perennial.

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