Watch the trailer for Margaret Atwood's graphic novel

Margaret Atwood is writing a graphic novel.

Available Sept. 9, Angel Catbird is a three-book series about a superhero that is half-bird, half-cat, which, as you might guess, gives our hero plenty of powers - and plenty of identity problems.

"[W]hat better way to explore cat/bird interactions and the welfare of both than through a flying catbird superhero?" Atwood said in a news release.

Canadian artist Johnnie Christmas is drawing the series and Tamra Bonvillain will be the colourist.

Proceeds from the comic will go to Keep Cats Safe and Save Bird Lives.The initiative, a project of Nature Canada, aims to protect the lives of cats and birds by urging people to keep cats indoors.

Angel Catbird isn't Atwood's first foray into comics. She drew the comic strip "Kanadian Kulture Komics" for This Magazine in the 1970s under a pseudonym and recently published a few comic strips for the anthology The Secret Loves of Geek Girls.

Atwood will be promoting the graphic novel at San Diego Comic Con International next week. On Thursday, she and Christmas will be doing a signing and on Friday she'll participate in a panel with Joƫlle Jones, creator of the comic Lady Killer and Canadian comics maven Hope Nicholson, editor of the comic books The Secret Loves of Geek Girls and Moonshot.

Check out an excerpt from Angel Catbird below.

ACBV1-PG-07.png ACBV1-PG-08.png ACBV1-PG-09.png ACBV1-PG-10.pngArt by Johnnie Christmas, courtesy of Dark Horse Books.