The Return of History

Jennifer Welsh

The Return of History

In 1989, as the Berlin Wall crumbled, American political commentator Francis Fukuyama wrote a famous essay entitled "The End of History." He argued that the demise of the confrontation between communism and capitalism signalled the end of humanity's sociocultural and political evolution and the path toward a more peaceful world.

But a quarter of a century after Fukuyama's bold prediction, history has returned. The 21st century has not seen unfettered progress toward peace, but the reappearance of trends and practices many believed had been erased: arbitrary executions, attempts to annihilate ethnic and religious minorities, the starvation of besieged populations, invasion and annexation of territory, and the mass movement of refugees and displaced persons.

The 2016 Massey Lectures will illustrate and explain this return of history and will argue how the reappearance of things deemed "barbaric" or "medieval" has a modern twist. (From House of Anansi Press)


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Massey lectures part 1: The Return of History:

Massey lectures part 2: The Return of Barbarism:

Massey lectures part 3: The Return of Mass Flight:

Massey lectures part 4: The Return of Cold War:


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