Adwoa Badoe

For 18-year-old Charlotte, university life is better than she'd ever dreamed. Most of all, Charlotte is exposed to new ideas, and in 1981 Ghana, this may be the most exciting - and most dangerous - adventure of all.

At first Charlotte basks in her wonderful new freedom, especially being out of the watchful eye of her controlling and opinionated father. She suddenly finds herself with no shortage of male attention. But Ghana is fraught with a history of conflict. And in the middle of her freshman year, the government is overthrown, and three judges are abducted and murdered. As political forces try to mobilize students to advance their own agendas, Charlotte is drawn into the world of student politics. And when a friend entrusts her with a mysterious package of documents, she suddenly realizes she may be in real danger. (From Groundwood Books)

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Mr. Opoku was a Kumasi lawyer - smart and tall for an Ashanti man. He was from one of those families that everyone knew in the city. He had it all - a respectable career, handsome face and a pretty girlfriend at the university. Mr. Opoku spread his charm in softly spoken words, and Mary knew she had got herself a real catch. When he laughed, it was her eyes that lit up like stars.

"Why don't you join us this evening?" he said to me.

It took me a moment to understand that it was an invitation to go out with them. I placed the plantain and bean dish carefully in the fridge and turned to face him.

From Aluta by Adwoa Badoe ©2016. Published by Groundwood Books.