A Boy Named Queen

Sara Cassidy

A Boy Named Queen

Evelyn is both aghast and fascinated when a new boy comes to Grade 5 and tells everyone his name is Queen. Queen wears shiny gym shorts and wants to organize a chess/environment club.

Evelyn is an only child with a strict routine. And yet in her quiet way she notices things. She takes particular notice of Queen. When it turns out that they take the same route home from school, Evelyn and Queen become friends, almost against Evelyn's better judgement. 

Yet he is the most interesting person she has ever met. So when she receives a last-minute invitation to his birthday party, she knows she must somehow persuade her mother to let her go. Her visit to Queen's house opens Evelyn's eyes to a whole new world. (From Groundwood Books)

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Evelyn has forgotten how to fold up the lawn chair. Push? Pull?

Right. One hand on the back, press a knee here, yank upward and...

Ouch! Evelyn shakes her hand hard as if she can fling out the pain. She puts her throbbing finger in her mouth and sucks, gazing up.

It is a bright Tuesday. The sky is perfectly clear. Non popcorn bursts, no cottony fistfuls of chair stuffing, not a single down feather. Only strange patches where the blue is so light that when Evelyn peers into them they lose color completely. They're like windows or tunnels. Maybe to outer space!

From A Boy Named Queen by Sara Cassidy ©2016. Published by Groundwood Books.