Meet Auroraman, Saskatchewan's new comic book superhero


Creator Jeff Burton and the first issue of Auroraman, hot off the presses! Artist Ted Green based the character on Burton. (Photos courtesy of Jeff Burton)

Saskatchewan has a new superhero. Auroraman is a Humboldt, Sask. teacher and father who moonlights as a super-powered champion of all things good and righteous.

Auroraman is the creation of Jeff Burton, a teacher and archery coach at Englefeld School in central Saskatchewan. The project is a labour of love that he's been working on for about a year with the help of friends. Burton thought Saskatchewan needed a superhero of its own, because "everyone needs someone to inspire them with hope."

Burton hopes the issue will be the first of many, and plans to publish a collection by the end of the year. The first issue will be released Saturday at the Humboldt Summer Sizzler Comic Con. Auroraman will also appear on the cover of a special-edition reissue of Captain Canuck #1 that will be available at the comic con.

CBC Books has an exclusive sneak peek at Auroraman below.