2016 Commonwealth Short Story Prize regional winners announced

regional-winners-collagio-2-635x381.jpgClockwise from top left, the 2016 Commonwealth Short Story Prize regional winners: Tina Makereti, Parashar Kulkarni, Stefanie Seddon, Faraaz Mahomed and Lance Dowrich. (Photo courtesy commonwealthwriters.org)

The regional winners for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize were announced on Wednesday. The prize recognizes the best unpublished short story in English.

The five winners, each representing one of the Commonwealth regions, were chosen from more than 4,000 entries from 47 different countries. The winners are:

  • Africa: "The Pigeon" by Faraaz Mahomed
  • Asia: "Cow and Company" by Parashar Kulkarni
  • Canada and Europe: "Eel" by Stefanie Seddon
  • Caribbean: "Ethelbert and the Free Cheese" by Lance Dowrich
  • Pacific: "Black Milk" by Tina Makereti

Read the winning stories on the Granta site.

Stefanie Seddon, the winner representing Canada and Europe, resides in the U.K.

They were selected by five judges, each from a different Commonwealth region: Helon Habila (Africa), Firdous Azim (Asia), Pierre Mejlak (Canada and Europe), Olive Senior (Caribbean) and Patrick Holland (Pacific).

An overall winner will be selected from the five regional winners. The overall winner will receive £5,000 ($9292.21 CDN) and will be announced at the Calabash International Literary Festival in Jamaica on June 5. The remaining regional winners will receive £2,500 ($4646.11 CDN).