Sook-Yin Lee checks the pulse of Canadian poetry in new documentary

media clip

In her new documentary, Where Have All the Poets Gone?, CBC Radio host Sook-Yin Lee tracks down reclusive Canadian poet and former broadcaster Phyllis Webb. Now 88 years old, Webb is a Governor General's Literary Award-winning poet who dropped off the literary radar over 50 years ago at the height of her career. Uncovering the mystery of what happened to Webb leads Lee to question CanLit cultural myths and turn her attention to a new generation of Canadian poets.

Along with Phyllis Webb, this documentary features poets BpNichol, bill bissett, Stephen Collis, Shad, Irving Layton, Samantha Bernstein, Ronnie Clarke, Liz Howard, Vivek Shraya, Lena Suksi, Elana Wolff and Malca Litovitz.

The radio version of Lee's documentary will air on CBC Radio One at 4 p.m. on March 25. Watch the full video documentary above.

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