Canada Reads, Day 1: Watch the replay

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The on-demand video replays of the debate and the Q&A are now available in the players above. You can read the recap of the vote below. You can also download the podcast of today's show.


The first day of Canada Reads 2016 featured extremely thoughtful, passionate discussion about what it means to start over and how well this year's books addressed that theme. The panellists also debated which book was most relevant to Canada today and which titles surprised them the most.

But, at the end of the day, one book needed to go. Here's how the voting broke down:

ministerwithoutportfolio-220.jpgThe two-way tie between The Hero's Walk and Minister Without Portfolio gave Clara Hughes the tie-breaking vote.

With great difficulty, she voted to eliminate Minister Without Portfolio by Michael Winter, which has become the first book to leave this year's Canada Reads.



On the 15th edition of CBC's annual battle of the books, five Canadian panellists with very different backgrounds - and a shared fighting spirit - will champion novels that offer different takes on the same theme: starting over. The Canada Reads 2016 books are all about transformation and second chances, including stories of migrants, immigrants and others who are choosing - or forced - to make major changes in their lives.

The 2016 contenders are:

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