10 BookTubers outside Canada you need to check out

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BookTube is a community of people on YouTube who talk about books. Yes, videos all about books. Get ready.

From book hauls (newly bought/received books) to wrap-ups (recently read books) and To Be Read or TBR videos (books they want to read soon), to review videos and so much more, BookTube is a rabbit hole you're going to want to fall down.

After you're done watching our picks of Canadian BookTubers make sure to check out all these wonderful bookworms from outside Canada.

1. Regan from PeruseProject

Known for her love of fantasy, Regan does a variety of videos and reads a wide variety of genres. Plus, if you're lucky you'll get to see her adorable dog.

2. Sanne from booksandquills

You can tell Sanne is comfortable in front of and behind a camera. Her editing and lighting is always on point, leaving you engrossed in her (amazing) content. She also works in publishing, and can give some insights into the industry!

3. Catriona from Little Book Owl

Catriona, with her engaging content and adorable Aussie accent, will have you hooked right away. She has a naturally happy allure that you won't want to stop watching.

4. Susie from readsusieread

Susie's excitement for reading is infectious. She is genuinely sweet and endearing, and sometimes brutally honest. If you're looking for a more hard-hitting novel, try Susie.


5. Sanaa from Ink Bones Books

Sanaa's reviews books in an in-depth yet concise way that will leave you with all the information you need in half the time. Plus, she reads everything from anime to literary fiction - and she posts video game videos too!

6. Max from WellDoneBooks

If you want a BookTuber who will be honest about their opinions and reads a lot of adult novels, Max is perfect. He always has new video ideas and is so genuine on camera you can't help watching all his videos.

7. Rincey from rincey reads

Rincey is a very animated talker with brilliant book reviews that will leave you glued to your screen. And she posts consistently - every Friday.

8. Jesse from jessethereader

If you are looking for an outspoken, animated book reviewer, look no further. Jesse always has a smile on his face, and without fail will try to put one on your face too!

9. Jenny from Jellafy

If you want thought provoking insights on books and the book community, but with the perfect amount of humour and wit, then Jen is for you. Her editing is brilliant and her video ideas are always unique.

10. Jean from Jean Bookishthoughts

Jean is a dream to watch. She reads everything from classic literature to fantasy and reviews books in a way that leaves you feeling satisfied and well-informed.

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