10 Canadian BookTubers you should be watching

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You read that right - BookTube.

From book hauls (newly bought/received books) to wrap-ups (recently read books) to To Be Read or TBR videos (books they want to read soon) to review videos and so much more, BookTube is a never ending hub of bookish goodness.

Here is a round up of 10 Canadian BookTubers you should be watching.

1. Raeleen from padfootandprongs07

Raeleen is from the Vancouver area and has spunk down to a science. She is fun to watch and reads a wide variety of novels making her a go to BookTuber for new recommendations outside your comfort zone.

2. Ariel from Ariel Bissett

Ariel is your go to for unique and well thought out content. She discusses important, yet under represented, topics in the book community with ease, grace and humour.

3. Jamie and Jeff from Ermahgerd Berks

Speaking of humour, Jamie and Jeff will leave you laughing after every video. Not only do they, as a unit, read a wide variety of novels, they are adorable to watch and have a very homey feel.

4. Giselle from Book Nerd Canada

If you need a new book to read, prepare yourself for Giselle. She reads so much that it is hard to keep up, and her book hauls are always massive and leave you with a huge 'To Be Read' list.


5. Juhina and Farah from MajiBookshelf

These sisters are so much fun to watch, both together in a video or on their own. They are both well-spoken and well-read, they will leave you wanting more.

6. Erika from Erika Chung

Erika has a certain friendly feel to her that leaves you wanting to chat after her videos. You'll be immersed in her casual yet concise videos.

7. Priscilla from The Readables

Graphics, graphics, graphics! Priscilla goes the extra mile with her in depth discussions and amazing use of graphics. She is a dream to watch, and will make you want to become a graphic designer. Plus, she reads anime and comics on top of novels.

8. Caitlin from YA BookwormBlogger

Caitlin mainly reviews young adult novels, but makes a few exceptions. She has charisma on camera and will always let you know how she is feeling about a book.


9. David from LitJournal

David is expressive and outgoing on camera making you want to watch all his videos in one sitting. He reads a variety of novels, from fantasy to adult literature, so there is something for everyone.

10. And lastly, our current books intern, Ashley from saidthestory

Ashley's quirky, genuine excitement is always written all over her face, making you want to read all her favourites. She also reads a ton of graphic novels and comics!

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