Got writer's block? Check out the CanLit Premise Generator

brady-canlit-generator.pngWeb developer Adam Brady has created a generator that combines common CanLit themes into hilarious premises. (Pam Lau)

Are you itching to write The Great Canadian Novel? The CanLit Premise Generator is here to save the day. Loaded with over 900,000 scenarios, the generator creates one-line book pitches based on familiar themes in Canadian literature, from absent fathers to the Canadian wilderness to sex with bears (of course).



The website was created by Adam Brady, who is studying web development at HackerYou in Toronto.

"Part of our Canadian identity is poking fun at ourselves, and while I love Canadian literature, there definitely are some common themes and elements that tend to appear," said Brady. "I had the idea for it while working on JavaScript at HackerYou, and the project sort of snowballed very quickly from there."

Brady had friends submit ideas about protagonists, outcomes and modes of transportation. The generator randomly combines the elements with hilariously accurate - and occasionally nonsensical - results.

The website also encourages people to submit ideas of their own to the generator. You can contribute by following this link.

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