50 shades of grey...cats

Ornery, distant, yet surprisingly needy - just a few of the qualities our feline friends share with the lovers of E.L. James' bestselling novel Fifty Shades of Grey. With Valentine's Day upon us, we thought we'd try mashing together the cats of Instagram with lines from the famous/infamous romance novel - and the results are surprisingly hilarious. Check out our experiment below.

1. "My hormones are racing."

2. "I think you need to learn to manage my expectations."

3. "I'm so glad I decided to wear my best jeans this morning."

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4. "To be honest, I prefer my own company, reading a classic British novel, curled up in a chair in the campus library."

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5. "He's...taciturn."

6. "My inner goddess is doing backflips in a routine worthy of a Russian Olympic gymnast."

7. "That night I dream of dark places, bleak white cold floors, and gray eyes."

8. "He gently strokes my hair ... Boy ... I Survived. That wasn't so bad. I'm more stoic than I thought."

9. "'This is mine,' he whispers aggressively. 'All mine. Do you understand?'"

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10. "Well, I thought I should come and remind you how nice it was knowing me."

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