Little Dogs: New and Selected

Michael Crummey

Little Dogs: New and Selected

Twenty years after the publication of his debut, Little Dogs: New and Selected Poems brings together selections from Michael Crummey's first four books of poetry with a significant offering of new work. In this collection, Crummey emerges not only as the master storyteller we know him to be, but also as one of our great poets of connection. Whether reporting from a solitary room or a shared bed, recalling the barbed delirium of adolescence, the subtler negotiations of mature love, or the generational echoes between fathers and sons, these poems are deeply engaged in the business of living with others, of living with the absence of those who have shaped and sometimes scarred us. Unafraid of confronting the darker corners of desire or of digging into the past to make sense of the present, Crummey has already given us a tremendous body of work. Little Dogs showcases the evolution of one the most distinct and celebrated Canadian writers of his generation. (From the publisher)

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Talk exhausted for the night

he walks her home in silence,

comes back to the small wreck

of the meal, empty containers, food scraps,

dishes stacked beside the sink

like beads on an abacus reckoning

an emotional failure's tired repetition.

From Little Dogs: New and Selected by Michael Crummey ©2016. Published by House of Anansi.