How Festive the Ambulance

Kim Fu

How Festive the Ambulance

In this debut poetry collection by award-winning author Kim Fu, incantations, mythical creatures and extreme violence illuminate small scenes of domestic life and the banal tragedies of modern love and modern death.

Alternating between incisive wit and dark beauty, Fu brings the rich symbolism of fairy tales to bear on our image-obsessed age. These poems are utterly of-the-moment, capturing the rage, irony and isolation of the era we live in. (From Harbour)



She applies gold spray paint to her horn each morning,

hoping to imitate the brass tusks

on the unicorns skewered to the carousel,

their brittle, painted smiles, harnesses

embedded in their backs and shellacked to high gloss.

From "The Unicorn Princess" by Kim Fu ©2016. Published by Harbour Publishing.