Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend

Alan Cumyn

Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend

Prepare to be blown away - or rather, carried away on huge muscular wings - by this blissfully outlandish, bracingly smart tour de force about a teen who has to come to terms with relinquishing control for the first time as she falls for the hot new... pterodactyl... at school. After all, everybody wants him!

Hilarious and relatable (despite the dinosaur), Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend is about a teen who must come to terms with not being in control of all things at all times, break free of her mundane life, discover who her true self is and, oh, find out that going primal isn't always a bad thing. (From Simon & Schuster Canada)

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It started as a speck in the east, a hint of black that might easily have been a crow. The sky was full of crows in late September, crows by the thousands with their squawking, nervy calls, the way they would mass on a stand of leaf-losing trees, a fractured black cloud of them. It might've been a lone crow, and maybe that was why Shiels turned her head and looked up.

From Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend by Alan Cumyn ©2016. Published by Simon and Schuster.