Phil Hall


The term "conjugation" refers to more than the obvious grammatical movement of pronouns through time (I am/you are/they will be). For, in biology, it also refers to the transfer of information between cells. Conjugation - the new collection of poetry from award-winning poet Phil Hall - sees an open realm where individual letters inside a word are each rolling through their possibilities, from A to Z. The language in Hall's fourth collection of poetry to be published by BookThug travels into and out of itself, as he says, "escaping my ego, while revealing, word by slightly different word, my deeper connections and disconnections to things - to what used to be called poetry's 'subjects.'" (From BookThug)

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I send you silence

the kindness of no metaphors

or stories or platitudes or news

too often while saying

what might be said

I have missed how an empty page

is a sacred space between

two words that are the same

like us

From Conjugation by Phil Hall ©2016. Published by BookThug.