Carpet Sweeper Tales

Julie Doucet

Carpet Sweeper Tales
Julie Doucet is an artist who has mastered many voices and styles. Most recently, Doucet has focused primarily on collage, crafting impeccable zines, prints and other ephemera. In Carpet Sweeper Tales, her first new book in a decade, we see this multi-faceted artist combine her many talents into one genre-defying masterwork. 

Though Doucet stopped drawing comics over 10 years ago, here she revisits the art form, pulling images from 1970s Italian fumetti, or photonovels, to create her own collage comics. Using vintage women's and home decorating magazines, Doucet collages a unique dialogue of love and travel between characters sitting in classic cars, driving through cities and pristine countryside. The result is a collection of lighthearted stories that play upon the disconnects between 1970s imagery and our modern world. (From Drawn & Quarterly)
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Carpet Sweeper Tales Excerpt

From Carpet Sweeper Tales by Julie Doucet ©2016. Published by Drawn & Quarterly.