Buying on Time

Antanas Sileika

Buying on Time

Set in the 1950s and '60s, Buying on Time is a collection of linked short stories that follows an immigrant family from Lithuania as they rebuild their lives in Canada after World War II. From the old world to the new suburbs, Buying on Time finds the funny and the poignant in equal measure as cultures and generations clash.


Mr Taylor was a special kind of Canadian, an 'English.' They were the only kind who really counted, and observation of them could pay a dividend. Mr Taylor was our English, the one who lived across the street and whose habits could be observed at will. We were astonished that he stayed in his dress shirt and tie as he read the evening paper in a lawn chair in his back yard. The lawn chair was just as astonishing. Who else but an English would spend good money on a chair that could only be used outside?

From Buying on Time by Antanas Sileika ©1997. Published by Porcupine's Quill.