This Japanese bookstore stocks just one book per week

one-room-one-book.pngPhoto credit: Miyuki Kaneko.

If making choices isn't your forte, you'll find that the perfect bookstore for you is located in Ginza, Tokyo. Morioka Shoten & Co. Ginza Branch is a store that stocks multiple copies of just one book per week from Tuesday to Sunday, according to takram design engineering.

The bookstore opened in May with the philosophy, "Issatsu, Isshitsu," which translates as "A Single Room, A Single Book." Events are held on every night of the week, so that patrons can come discuss the week's book.

Owner Yoshiyuki Morioka worked in bookstores for years before opening his own in Kanda, a district known for being a book-selling mecca in Tokyo. He came up with the idea for a one-book bookstore at a business conference.

According to Bustle, the store is located on the ground floor of an historical building in Japan. The inside is modest, with some artwork related to the current book, a table to display the books and a counter for the clerk to stand behind.

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