Twitter battle alert: Toronto and Kansas libraries face off over Jays/Royals series

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The Toronto Blue Jays are down three games to two in their best-of-seven series against the Kansas City Royals. The winner moves on to the World Series and it's been a string of nail-biting games for Canadians. It also sparked a hilarious twitter battle between the two cities' libraries.

Kansas City Public Library took the first swing on Tuesday night, when the Jays suffered a devastating 14 to 2 defeat, with some creative book spine poetry: 

The Toronto Public Library trolled back with some books of their own:

The Jays fought back on Wednesday to force a sixth game. The libraries were at it again on twitter, and the Pickering Public Library library has jumped into the fray: 

On Friday, the Jays will try and force a seventh game - and Round 3 of the library twitter battle will commence!

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