God Loves Hair

Vivek Shraya, illustrated by Juliana Neufeld

God Loves Hair

In this collection of stories, an inquisitive child learns about difference and belonging. Illustrated by Toronto artist Juliana Neufeld, the 21 stories in Vivek Shraya's first book explore gender, politics, race and more. A beautiful and moving book.

God Loves Hair is for readers ages 12 and up.



My brother and I live in a Lego world, building amusement out of unsuspecting materials. Couch pillows become forts, quilts become flower-patterned wings and his headboard becomes a stage for puppet shows. We have also discovered a secret cave under his bed, perfect for hiding in, which is particularly useful when mom yells from downstairs: Fold the laundry! But the change I love most happens when we play dress up. We wear each other's clothes. His are smaller and tighter than my own. I like the feeling of the fabric choking my body. It's like being touched all over.

From God Loves Hair by Vivek Shraya ©2010. Published by Arsenal Pulp Press.

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